All Discount Coupons Discontinued

Competitive Pricing: Our website is updated with the most competitive prices compared with any platform or any other brands, and we also offer free shipping.

Coupons Discontinued: All discount coupons, such as TAKE10, TAKE5, BRR10, BTP10, and others, are discontinued effective December 24, 2023.

Additional Discount: Customers will benefit from the multiple quantity discounts displayed on the discount table for each product. All orders qualify for free standard shipping.

Mix & Match: Customers can combine different products to receive additional discounts.

For example:

20 cases of Product A is USD 62.99 & 20 cases of Product B is USD 59.99. 

Even if you buy 10 cases of Product A and 10 cases of Product B, you will be offered the above prices.

Pallet Pricing: In the same way, you can customize your pallet by adding different products to the cart. As long as you hit 50 items in the cart, pallet pricing will be applied. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions about this.